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Eyqoo Auto-tracking target image
PTZ Camera

The Technology of PTZ camera Auto-tracking

What is Auto-Tracking, why are so many cameras introducing themselves to have this function, what is the principle of Auto-Tracking?

What kind of Auto-Tracking is right for you and how to make a better choice.

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How to chose education PTZ camera image
PTZ Camera

Why do you need an educational camera?

Educational cameras are quietly emerging in the context of the current era where COVID-19 is affecting the world. Online education through live video streaming becomes a better solution after weighing the quality of education to ensure the health and safety of teachers, students, and other related workers.

But how to make the right choice?

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Eyqoo Blog about Flex room design

All you need to know about the importance of Flex Rooms in education

After experiencing COVID-19, people are more concerned about a healthy lifestyle. With the rapid development and popularization of online video platforms (such as ZOOM, and Microsoft Teams). More and more conferences, lectures, and teaching are transferred to the Internet and presented in the form of live or recorded broadcasts. The convenience of the Internet allows more people to obtain valuable information. In order to facilitate students no matter where they are, they can participate in learning at any time. Therefore, it becomes very important to build Flex rooms that can meet these needs at the same time.

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Eyqoo Distance Learning Classroom Solutions
PTZ Camera

Distance Learning Classroom Solutions

Afected by the COVID-19 epidemic, distance learning has become one of the important ifnitiatives to improve the quality of school education. Smart Auto-tracking cameras, as the basic equipment for distance education, have seen explosive growth. With the popularization of the 5G network and the continuous development of computer intelligence algorithms,

Eyqoo developed intelligent tracking cameras.

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Eyqoo Blog banner of 2022 Conference microphone selection Guide

2022 Conference microphone selection Guide

In modern business activities, with the continuous improvement of network bandwidth, video conferencing is becoming more and more frequent. It is no longer a business model that only belongs to multinational companies, ordinary small companies, and even individual freelancers, have gradually joined the ranks of users.

Therefore, how to choose the right microphone for easy communication.

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Eyqoo blog banner of what is OEM,JDM,ODM PTZ Camera
PTZ Camera

What is OEM/JDM/ODM PTZ Camera

Many friends do not understand the difference between OEM/JDM/ODM.

If the supplier does not understand the needs of the entrusting party, and the entrusting party also wrongly assesses the strength of the manufacturer. This will lay hidden dangers for cooperation and reduce work efficiency.

Therefore, how to choose a partner according to the needs of the enterprise

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Eyqoo Blog Hardware conference and Software conference cover Blue
PTZ Camera

Hardware Video Conferencing VS Software Video Conferencing

After COVID-19 in 2020, video conferencing requirements in major enterprises have exploded. For meeting the enterprise-level application requirements, the video conferencing system has changed from the traditional hardware-based video conferencing pattern to a situation in which software video conferencing and hardware video conferencing are equally divided for their characteristics.

Choose Hardware Video Conferencing or Software Video Conferencing?

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Eyqoo PTZ cameras for church banner 2.0
PTZ Camera

How to improve the live broadcast capabilities for a church?

There is a new variant of COVID-19, the BA.2 evolutionary branch of the Omicron variant strain, which is now spreading worldwide. In such an environment, it becomes a serious discussion matter how to provide a secure and reliable house of worship for the congregation, where they can pray with peace of mind while safe guarding their physical health.

BUT how to do it?

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