The Technology of PTZ camera Auto-tracking

Eyqoo Auto-tracking target image


High-resolution cameras are becoming more and more popular, and based on their high-quality images, video image analysis technology has also been developed tremendously. The PTZ camera Auto-Tracking function, which is based on this technology, has also made tremendous progress. Although the PTZ camera has been achieved with the help of its gimbal system, large area coverage of the shooting scene. But the cover alone is still not perfect so that the camera can be more intelligent, see more things you want to see, to be called an intelligent camera. And such cameras can be perfectly used in Video conferencing systems, Collaboration systems, Education systems, telemedicine, Government Projects, Office system, and so on.

1. What is PTZ Auto-tracking?

The PTZ Auto-tracking function is a PTZ camera that automatically adjusts the shooting direction to track the object using the electronic Pan/Tilt structure. And, at the same time adjust focus to obtain a more perfect image.

The auto-tracking function is usually completed in two parts: detection and tracking. It first compares the captured image with the previous image to distinguish the background from the moving object and then decides the target to be tracked. (Figure 1)

Eyqoo Auto-tracking, Describe Decide to track the target

Figure 1: Detection Process

As for the tracking part, it uses intelligent algorithms to build models of moving objects and background features. Then, the unique features of the moving object are extracted, and then the ‘climbing algorithm‘ is used to find the candidate area with the highest similarity and feedback to the processor. The processor sends a command to the electronic Pan/Tilt to make the head rotate and focus the lens on the moving object. At the same time, the processor also sends instructions to the zoom structure to adjust the focal length and zoom in/out to track the object. (Figure 2)

Eyqoo Auto-tracking, Describe Track the target

Figure 2: Detection Process

2. Why do we need PTZ Auto-tracking?

Traditional PTZ cameras already have a wide range of monitoring, but usually have to be manually controlled, adjusting the camera to track moving objects, which is not only inconvenient but also not reliable enough. In addition, after the installation of multiple cameras, the control of the camera becomes very complex, and if a failure occurs, there is a possibility that the entire system failure.

However, the Eyqoo PTZ Auto-tracking camera can be installed and set up simply by using its real-time video analysis technology to achieve automatic detection and tracking more conveniently and efficiently.

Eyqoo PTZ Cameras with Auto Framing & Humanoid tracking

2.1 Auto Framing

In addition, the operator can also directly use the remote control to turn on and off the tracking & switch the tracking object timely. Selecting a specific target to perform automatic tracking on the Live View page & switching flexibly between different objects. Make AI tracking easier to use by automatically or manually selecting targets.

2.2 Humanoid tracking

Once the object to be tracked is detected, the PTZ camera will automatically pan/tilt to track the movement and zoom in/out to focus on the target. The Eyqoo PTZ Auto-tracking is more intelligent, it will flexibly adjust the zoom state according to the distance of the object, to ensure that the target can always be displayed in the middle of the screen at the appropriate size while retaining more details.


‘ No obstacles in the connection. Explore better ’ is the theme of Eyqoo. Using Pan-tilt-zoom to automatically focus, follow and track the movement of the target object, Eyqoo PTZ cameras with more advanced Auto-tracking algorithms will undoubtedly surpass other similar products in the market and have a great competitive advantage.

The Technology of PTZ camera Auto-tracking
What is Auto-Tracking, why are so many cameras introducing themselves to have this function, what is the principle of Auto-Tracking? What kind of Auto-Tracking is right for you and how to make a better choice.

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