How to Design Products as a ProAV Manufacturer

Ek92AM 4K 60FPS lens images

What are the needs of customers, this is the question that Eyqoo has been thinking about as a ProAV manufacturer. Lens, chip, CMOS, AI Tracking, AI sound positioning, picture angle, refresh rate, NDI, SDI, HDMI, USB, etc. The company’s self-developed algorithm integrates these components and functions to obtain perfect performance. At the same time, we integrate the supply chain, such as redesigning universal cartons for multi-model products to reduce packaging costs. Reduce any unnecessary costs, control the price within a reasonable range.

Eyqoo workshop image

Lenses as ProAV’s eyes

The lens is the most critical equipment of the ProAV cameras. The lens quality directly affects the overall indicator of the ProAV system. We choose the high-definition large zoom telephoto lens to meet the needs of various usage scenarios.

CMOS sensor and chip technology

In order to make the ProAV effect even more outstanding, the 4K conference camera is the basic configuration. ProAV cameras on the market are generally equipped with 1/2.8-inch CMOS. But in order to have the ultimate in image quality, we use a Sony 1/2.5-inch CMOS image sensor. You know this will be better quality and at a relatively higher price.

Eyqoo ProAV cameras CMOS sensor and chip technology

In the first two quarters of 2022, product shipments were unstable due to a shortage of domestic chips. However, after the continuous efforts of the R&D team, we successfully replaced the original chip solution with the current 10nm low-power Ambarella chip solution. This solution has the characteristics of stronger processing power, lower power consumption, and more intelligence. Let the camera have more powerful video shooting and better image signal processing capabilities.

Moreover, we have maintained the price at the original level and achieved product upgrades.

AI Tracking

As Eyqoo’s core competitiveness, AI Tracking has always been our research and development direction. The latest generation of ProAV cameras relies on the AI computing power of high-performance processing chips, combined with self-developed AI algorithms, to achieve AI humanoid tracking on monocular cameras. It can seamlessly access video conferencing systems, educational recording and broadcasting systems, and live web podcasts.

AI Sound Tracking

Built-in dual microphones and beamforming algorithms pinpoint sound sources. The intelligent linkage PTZ finds out the speaker’s position and shoots accordingly. The system will make the intelligent switch when it recognizes different speakers.

FOV screen perspective

1080P_20X FOV Image

More accurately known as the angle of view of the lens, the angle of view becomes larger when the focal length is shortened, allowing for a wider range, but this affects the sharpness of distant subjects. When the focal length becomes longer, the angle of view becomes smaller, which can make farther objects sharper, but the wide range that can be photographed becomes narrower.

FPS refresh rate

The refresh rate is the number of times the electron beam repeatedly scans the image on the screen. The higher the refresh rate, the better the stability of the displayed image (picture). The refresh rate will directly determine its price, because the refresh rate and resolution are mutually restricted, only a display with a high refresh rate at a high resolution can be called excellent performance.

At present, Eyqoo’s newly developed PTZ camera has reached 4K@60fps ultra-high refresh and ultra-high resolution.


NDI® stands for a proprietary set of devices and associated protocols, and is a “Network Device Interface”. The goal is to deliver high-resolution video over the network with fast, low latency. This brilliant idea was created by a company called NewTek. And it allows other companies to use the NDI® API to create their applications and interfaces for NDI®

ProAV has rich interfaces to meet the needs of various scenarios

Eyqoo product interface image

Provide HDMI2.0, 3G-SDI, USB3.0, 1Gb LAN and other interfaces to choose from. HDMI/SDI (choose one of two)+USB+LAN can output three digital audio and video signals at the same time, and the minimum is high-definition output.

The network interface supports POE+ (802.3at) power supply protocol, audio and video, control signals and power supply can be solved through a network cable, which makes the device deployment more convenient.

Eyqoo’s products combine these electrical components with high efficiency, so we could provide partners with a reasonable price.

For example: Eyqoo ProAV Camera EK92AM has 4K@60fps ultra-high-definition image quality with 12X optical zoom lens, 80.8° ultra-wide angle, powerful AI function, and can expand NDI, NDI丨HX3 protocol. The professional-grade interface enables the EK92AM to easily adapt to various video conferencing software, access remote teaching systems, and embed in online live streaming and other usage scenarios.

More importantly, Eyqoo, as a supplier of Chinese top video conferencing PTZ cameras, we provided our global customers with competitive products and related industry information for a long time. If you are interested in joining us, welcome to contact us here.

How to Design Products as a ProAV Manufacturer
As a ProAV manufacturer, Eyqoo designs products according to partners and market needs. We use the best parts and technologies on the market for our products, and keep the price within a reasonable range.

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