The differences between PTZ and ePTZ conference cameras

The differences between PTZ and ePTZ conference cameras

Usually, as we know PTZ stands for the abbreviation of “Pan -Tilt -Zoom”, and adding an “e” in front of PTZ means that this pan, tilt, and zoom function is controlled by software way to achieve these functions. It can be seen that there are significant differences in the basic structure of PTZ conference cameras and ePTZ conference cameras. PTZ has specific steering hardware, while ePTZ implements these functions through software or algorithms. Therefore, most people are used to calling ePTZ “digital zoom“. Let’s compare their advantage & disadvantage next.

PTZ and ePTZ conference cameras differences

Visible area355~360°60~130°
Steering mechanismsThe steering of PTZ cameras is achieved through the process of physical structure, so the focusing speed of PTZ cameras is also affected by the performance of the physical steering mechanism. A high-quality steering mechanism will be faster, more accurate in positioning, and less mechanical noise. This is also the judgment of PTZ. Important criteria for camera quality. The ePTZ cameras do not have a physical steering mechanism, but only use software and algorithms to simulate the rotation of the picture, so they can align more quickly with what you want to see and complete the focus. And there is almost no problem with mechanical noise.
VolumeLargerCan be very small
Applicable scene largeLarge meeting rooms, classrooms, chapels, etc. Small meeting rooms, operating rooms, own offices, etc.

With technology development, the Eyqoo PTZ video conference camera has optimized the gimbal structure of the traditional PTZ camera through R&D and software iteration. The optimized gimbal structure provides our customers faster speed, smoother pictures, and more accurate tracking & less mechanical noise. At the same time, the camera is combined with advanced digital follow focus technology and an intelligent AI system that can learn by itself to realize Auto ID & Auto Tracking functions to bring more wonderful user experiences.

The differences between PTZ and ePTZ conference cameras
Knowing the difference between the PTZ cameras and ePTZ cameras can better choose the one that suits you.

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