Eyqoo ELC PnP Cooperation Program- Development Trend of Video Conference

Eyqoo ELC PnP Cooperation Program solution image

1. What is ELC PnP Cooperation Program?

ELC stands for Efficient, Low-Cost, and Cloud Collaboration, which aims to enable users to achieve a more efficient workflow with cloud collaboration at the most reasonable cost. The ease of use of this program is further enhanced by the minimalist installation of PnP. Unique one-key entry function solution, no need to prepare meeting room, Set aside valuable meeting time for communication. With the built-in Rooms system, HD audio and video are easily shared with the attending audience. It also enables intelligent whiteboard collaboration, breaking communication barriers and making communication easier.

The ELC PnP Cooperation Program is powered by Eyqoo, which provides hardware devices and integrates Zoom®️Tencent Meeting®️, and Teams®️ certifications for different customers, forming a complete ecosystem through ELC software services. This program is easy to deploy and simple to use. In addition, it can be expanded on a large scale according to actual needs, providing users with the flexibility to create a high-quality and efficient office space.

2. ELC PnP Cooperation Program consists of both hardware and software components.

The hardware system includes computersmeeting control devicesaudio and video devices, and display devices. The software is certified and installed according to customer needs. According to the different number of participants in the meeting, and different meeting room areas, the ELC program can be made to make a differentiated adjustment. What’s more, the ELC solution itself is flexible, just tell Eyqoo professional team your needs, and it can be customized for your exclusive solution.

2.1 ELC home/personal Solution

Eyqoo ELC Home or Personal solution image

ELC home/personal solution is proposed to protect personal workspace from interference when making audio/video calls, Considering the effect of audio/video capture, portable and easy-to-use equipment, and cost control. Whether at home, in the office, or even outdoors in an open space, the ELC Personal Solution allows users to be online immediately and collaborate efficiently.

The hardware device of ELC Home/Personal Solution, using Eyqoo EH9MC HD All-In-One ePTZ Camera or EK81U 4K Ultra HD-Wide Field ePTZ Camera with ELC software service group, can achieve HD picture quality, minimal wiring, TOF focus, and privacy protection function. Let users join the collaboration from home, office location, or any remote location anytime, anywhere.

Eyqoo ELC Home or Personal solution exhibit image

EH9MC HD All-In-One ePTZ Camera features: compact and portable, with a 1080P resolution camera and a 90° wide angle. With microphone, speaker, and camera all-in-one design, full-spectrum Haman®️ speaker, built-in audio 3A algorithm for automatic noise reduction, automatic echo cancellation, and automatic gain processing. With the built-in ToF sensor, it can automatically sense the distance between the subject and the camera to complete an extremely fast focus. Also comes with a privacy slide cover, no longer need to worry about privacy issues.

2.2 ELC small meeting room solution (3~8 people)

Eyqoo ELC Small Meeting Room solution image

The hardware equipment of the ELC small meeting room solution adopts Eyqoo EK800 audio and video all-in-one machine, which is plug-and-play, and with the ELC software service group, the wiring is simple and the installation is flexible, which allows the installation team to easily carry out a large-scale deployment. Together with the Eyqoo EP100 touch keyboard, it is easy to realize one key to join the meeting, one key to share, one key to mute, attendee management, screen recording and focus adjustment, etc., to achieve precise control of the meeting process.

Eyqoo ELC Small Meeting Room solution exhibit image

EK800 4K UHD ALL-IN-ONE ePTZ USB Camera features: with a 4K HD resolution camera and 121° ultra-wide angle, it provides all-around coverage of participants in a limited space. Built-in AI algorithm combines video face detection and voice orientation for intelligent tracking of close-ups. It also provides an automatic all-selection mode and speaker tracking mode to easily achieve precise control of the conference view. 4 array microphones with up to 32K audio adoption rate ensure clear and distortion-free sound pickup, with an effective pickup distance of up to 6 meters. Harman®️ sound cavity, full of sound quality, to meet the needs of participants for high fidelity sound quality.

2.3 ELC medium meeting room solution (9~15 people)

Eyqoo ELC Medium Meeting Room solution image

The hardware equipment of the ELC medium-sized meeting room solution adopts Eyqoo EH52UW HD head unit with ELC software service group to provide a clear and sharp picture with 1080P resolution, more realistic and natural color reproduction, and up to 12 times optical zoom close-up picture for the meeting. Together with Eyqoo EPM800 integrated meeting control panel, it will integrate the control and audio system in one device, easily achieve clear and clean voice effects and super convenient meeting control.

Eyqoo ELC Medium Meeting Room solution exhibit image

EH52UW 1080P Full HD PTZ Camera features: with 1080P Full HD camera to show every detail. 12x optical zoom + 16x digital zoom, so that the close-up image is equally clear. Realistic and natural color reproduction, making the picture more comfortable. The device supports a variety of installation methods, making its use more flexible.

EPM800 features a microphone, speaker, and conference controller integrated design so that the wiring installation is more concise. 10.1-inch large screen, 1280 * 800 resolution capacitive screen, so that the conference control is clear and convenient. 4 microphone array pickup, pickup radius up to 6 meters, so that everyone’s voice is clear enough. Built-in audio processing noise reduction, echo cancellation, and automatic gain unit with Harman®️ tuning 10W speakers, clear treble, full Microphone sensor, and thick bass, so that clear, natural sound covers every corner of the conference room.

2.4 ELC large meeting room solution (16~25 people)

Eyqoo ELC Large Meeting Room solution image

The hardware equipment of ELC large meeting room solution adopts Eyqoo EK92AM 4K Ultra HD Professional-grade PTZ Camera, with ELC software service group to provide ultra high definition picture quality with 4K resolution for the meeting. Combined with EM500 Digital Array Intelligent Microphone, it achieves 10 meters of effective ultra-large range sound pickup. Combined with the built-in 3A algorithm, it provides es excellent voice call experience with ultra-high-definition sound quality, extremely low noise, and zero echoes. With the EP100 touch keyboard, it is easy to join the meeting with one key, share with one key, mute with one key, manage the participants, record and adjust the focus, etc. to achieve precise control of the meeting process.

Eyqoo ELC Large Meeting Room solution exhibit image

EK92AM 4K Ultra HD Professional-grade PTZ Camera features: a 4K Ultra HD cinema-grade video imaging system, making the picture clearer, higher color reproduction, and more comfortable viewing. 12x optical zoom, so that close-up images are also clear as if face-to-face communication. Support a variety of orientation installations, reducing the sense of device abruptness. Built-in intelligent AI algorithm, combined with face detection and automatic tracking function, highlights the focus of the picture.

EM500 Digital Array Intelligent Microphone features: with 7 microphone array microphones, the effective pickup distance is up to 10 meters so that each participant’s speech can be heard clearly. Through the built-in 3A algorithm (automatic noise reduction, automatic echo cancellation, automatic gain processing) to eliminate noise and echo, providing ultra-high definition sound quality. Support desktop, top suction wall mounting, and other fixed methods.

EP100 Touch control keyboard features, support USB, PoE, and DC three kinds of power supply, and a built-in 2900mAh battery, that supports the unplugged operation.

Another configuration of independent speakers is not only to ensure that the sound is true and full but also to cover a larger area of the room.


Eyqoo ELC PnP Cooperation Program aims to provide customers with a low-cost, high-quality coworking experience. The ELC software service group is built in advance to reduce the cost of use. The equipment installation method can be adapted to various specific environments and will not make the environment abrupt after installation. It is the most complete, practical, and cost-effective collaboration solution since the launch of cloud video conferencing.

Eyqoo ELC PnP Cooperation Program- Development Trend of Video Conference
As an expert in the field of video conferencing, How to make good use of the resources at hand to conduct business in the post-COVID-19 era and globalization today. Eyqoo provides exactly how the ELC Cooperation Program can help you make more money. As an end user or as a brand agency, you should know from this blog.

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