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If you want to occupy the market in the field of video conferencing cameras and microphones, you must first analyze the size of the conference room and their possible problems. Most importantly, how Eyqoo can help solve these problems.

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Many people want to import Video Conference Cameras and conference microphones from China, but they always give up trying because of concerns about language barriers, complicated international trade processes, scams or inferior products, etc. and ultimately lead to missed opportunities.

Many tutorials are teaching you how to import from China, charging you hundreds of dollars in tuition. However, most of them are just outdated textbook guides that are not suitable for current small businesses or e-commerce importers.

In this most practical guide, you can easily learn everything from selecting profitable products to arranging the entire import process for shipment.

It is not only applicable to the purchase of Video Conference Cameras and microphones but also to the purchase of general goods, this is a practical manual for buyers.

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How to find better suppliers in China

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Large Conference Room

It is critical to see and hear clearly when conducting video conferences in large conference rooms. Eyqoo video conference cameras have 12X, 16X, 20X intelligent tracking zoom systems, so speakers can be automatically tracked and close-ups. The latest launched Beamforming Ceiling Microphone realizes intelligent noise reduction, intelligent echo cancellation, and automatic gain effects. Most importantly, 18ms ultra-low sound delay, reaching the world’s leading level. The excellent combination of audio and video equipment can greatly improve the quality of video conferences.

Typical Large Conference Room Challenges

How Eyqoo Solutions can help

Medium Conference Room

While staying in touch with your partners, Eyqoo video conference equipment guarantees excellent video picture and audio quality in all rooms. All products are designed to provide higher-quality video conferences.

Typical Medium Meeting Room Challenges

How Eyqoo Solutions can help

Huddle or small room

Eyqoo offers a range of flexible and easy-to-use USB plug-and-play solutions for crowded and small rooms with exceptional video image quality and a very high cost-performance ratio. With the support of AI algorithms, all participants are clearly shown in the video. These USB devices are smart enough to recognize and eliminate unpleasant noise. They can compatible with most video conferencing applications.

Typical huddle or small room challenges

How Eyqoo Solutions can help

Flexible Workers

Flexible workers have more flexible hours, more content, and communication needs. They can work at home, share office space, and collaborate on daily commutes and trips. Eyqoo supports this group of workers with high-quality portable USB video conferencing solutions, enabling them to have a safe working environment at all times, and increase their productivity.

Typical Flexible Workers Challenges

How Eyqoo Solutions can help

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