Nanjing School Lecture Hall Installed Ceiling Array Microphones and Benefited From It

Nanjing No. 1 Middle School Jiangbei Campus_Report Hall

In the lecture hall of Nanjing No. 1 Middle School. The ceiling array microphone is put to good use to protect the teaching mode of interactive learning.

Nanjing No. 1 Middle School Jiangbei Campus_The front of the school gate

Ceiling Microphone Array Project Background

Nanjing No.1 Middle School Jiangbei New District Branch is an essential project for Nanjing. It’s a part of implementing to the strategy of cross-river development of high school education. Recently, this century-old famous school has installed ceiling array microphones for the three lecture halls. This action promotes the interactive learning mode and dramatically improves the quality of teaching.

Nanjing No. 1 Middle School Jiangbei Campus_Report Hall 03

Nanjing No. 1 Middle School is exploring advanced teaching models and creating an interactive learning environment. In the interactive learning process, both sides communicate and discuss actively and equally, stimulating the initiative and exploration of students. Motivating students to pursue self-development, encouraging and cultivating students’ autonomy and independent thinking.

Disadvantages of traditional audio solutions

The local sound reinforcement system of traditional lecture halls is becoming obsolete. It’s a waste of time in constantly passing the microphone, which also disrupts the rhythm of normal teaching. The application of ceiling array microphone solutions breaks the bottleneck. The traditional teaching model has quietly changed. The ceiling array microphone is undoubtedly the ideal audio solution for the current interactive teaching scene. Ceiling array microphones are of great importance for live and distance learning, collaborative offices, and audio and video conferencing.

Real user experience

Li Min, Vice Principal of Nanjing No. 1 Middle School, said “The Jiangbei New District Campus is a modern campus for the future. The lecture hall will using for academic presentations, public classes, teaching observation (demonstration) classes, and recording of high-quality classes. We especially requested the new lecture hall to provide a quality interactive experience for students and teachers on site. Therefore, we need to implement a solution combining hardware and software in the lecture hall to create an audio and video environment that is fully compatible with interactive learning. In this way, no matter where in the classroom, everyone can listen and speak clearly, and our teachers and students can fully participate in the classroom communication.”

Details determine the effect

Good planning is the key to project success. At the beginning of the ceiling array microphone installation project, technicians designed and fully simulated scenarios with different numbers and positions of microphones and speakers, and then made further adjustments according to actual needs. As all speakers use a separate channel, close to the spatial characteristics of the speaker parameters are adjusted according to the implementation of the situation.

Ceiling array microphones solve those problems

  • 1. With the ceiling array microphone, no matter in which area the person speaks, the sound can be clearly picked up, and is clearly transmitted to the audience, not harsh, with no sound pollution.
  • 2. The automatic voice tracking function of the ceiling array microphone not only allows teachers to walk around the classroom and speak at will but also allows students’ questions and answers to be clearly conveyed to everyone in the classroom.
  • 3. Automatically tracks the speaker’s direction, adding extra decibel gain to improve the clarity of the speech, allowing the audience to better hear the speaker’s sharing.
  • 4. With the ceiling array microphone solution, teachers’ hands are free, they don’t need to hold the microphone or wear a wireless lavalier microphone, and the teaching assistant doesn’t need to run back and forth to pass the microphone as before.
  • 5. Students can enjoy a 360-degree listening experience and hear the teacher clearly whether they are in the first row or the last row.


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Nanjing School Lecture Hall Installed Ceiling Array Microphones and Benefited From It
In the lecture hall of Nanjing No. 1 Middle School, ceiling array microphones are put to good use to protect the teaching mode of interactive learning.

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