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If you want to enter the commercial audio market, the microphone is a good choice. But you must analyze the use of the microphone first. At the same time, look at the problems from the user’s point. The most important thing is how Eyqoo helps users solve these problems.

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Many people want to import Video Conference Cameras and conference microphones from China, but they always give up trying because of concerns about language barriers, complicated international trade processes, scams or inferior products, etc. and ultimately lead to missed opportunities.

Many tutorials are teaching you how to import from China, charging you hundreds of dollars in tuition. However, most of them are just outdated textbook guides that are not suitable for current small businesses or e-commerce importers.

In this most practical guide, you can easily learn everything from selecting profitable products to arranging the entire import process for shipment.

It is not only applicable to the purchase of Video Conference Cameras and microphones but also to the purchase of general goods, this is a practical manual for buyers.

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How to find better suppliers in China

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Eyqoo EM500 using in Meeting

Microphones are used in a variety of scenarios.

Microphones are part of the AV market. There are gooseneck microphones or handheld microphones used in large rooms. And also a desktop microphone for use in small or medium-sized rooms. If the speaker needs to walk freely, wearing a portable microphone will come in handy.

Gooseneck microphone vs Eyqoo Commercial Audio solution

The gooseneck microphone belongs to the Directional Microphone, and the biggest advantage is the effect. Therefore, gooseneck microphones are widely used in large conference rooms. When you step into a conference room like this. Your attention will be attracted by the gooseneck wheat on each seat. And during the meeting, it will also create a small obstacle in your field of view, between you and the speaker.

Typical Gooseneck microphone Challenges

How Eyqoo Solutions can help

Comparison photo with gooseneck microphone

Handheld wireless microphone vs Eyqoo Commercial Audio solution

The handheld wireless microphone also belongs to the directional microphone. After the microphone collects the signal, it uses wireless technology to transmit the signal to the processor. An ordinary conference room can be equipped with a handheld microphone system as an audio system, or as a supplement to a fixed microphone system, because it is easy to move.

Typical Handheld wireless microphone Challenges

How Eyqoo Solutions can help

Comparison photo with handheld microphone

Collar clip microphone vs Eyqoo Commercial Audio solution

The Collar clip microphone is a popular wearable device, especially in scenes of the lecture hall, large classrooms, hybrid Classrooms, and so on. The speaker or teacher can wear a microphone and talk freely when they walk around the room or on the podium.

Typical Collar clip microphone Challenges

How Eyqoo Solutions can help

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