Eyqoo EH9MC HD All-In-One Mini Videobar

Eyqoo EH9MC adopts an integrated design, integrating a high-definition camera, high-sensitivity omnidirectional microphone, and full-frequency loudspeaker into smaller devices, making them more convenient to use. Built-in 3A algorithm, intelligent noise reduction. ePTZ and 4x zoom for a wider field of view.


90° wide FOV + 4x Digital Zoom

Frame Rate




Built-in Microphone






Main Features of Eyqoo EH9MC HD All-In-One Mini Videobar

Main Features

● All-in-one bionic design, much simpler and easier

The three-in-one design of 1080P full HD camera, High sensitivity omnidirectional microphone, and full-frequency loudspeaker reduces wiring and makes video communication much simpler and easier. Unique bionic design, very eye-catching, allows you to get excellent audio-visual experience in video calls.

● 1080P Full HD

Ultra-Wide FoV, no distortion 1080P full HD, can provide max 1080@30fps/25fps high-resolution clear image. At the same time, downward compatible with 720p and other resolutions. Wide field of view, the maximum horizontal field of view can reach 90°.

● Harman tuned full-range speaker

Adopt a Harman tuning speaker with the ducted sound cavity, with clear and penetrating treble and powerful bass, which can provide you with an extraordinary sound experience.

● Audio 3A algorithm

Built-in audio 3A algorithm (AEC/AGC/ANS), full-duplex dialogue, can adjust and balance volume level automatically while voice collection, also with noise suppression, can provide you comfortable experience for calling.

● Electronic PTZ

No need for mechanical rotating devices, ePTZ helps to achieve more accurate rotation, less noise, and a more reliable and durable pan-tilt function. Meantime support 4X digital zoom.

● Built-in physical privacy shield

Equipped with an integrated sliding privacy cover to ensure privacy.

● Low illumination

Star-level ultra-high noise ratio of the new CMOS image sensor can effectively reduce the low noise in the case of image noise, while the application of 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithm, significantly reducing the image noise, even under low light conditions, still keep the picture clean and clear, the image signal to noise ratio up to 55dB or more.

● Easy installation

Standard Bracket with damper, compatible with the majority of displays in the market, easy to install, stable, and reliable.

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