Eyqoo EMP800 Intelligent Conference Terminal

Eyqoo EMP800 is equipped with an Android system, and software such as ZOOM can be installed to control the conference. The microphone integrates a microphone, speaker, touch screen, and projector, which can be connected to a computer or mobile phone, The microphone and speaker can be expanded, SIP phone is integrated.

Built-in Microphone


Touch Screen

10.1 inches IPS




Built-in SIP telephone software


Android 8.1

Main Features of Eyqoo EMP800 Intelligent Conference Terminal

Main Feature:

● Integrated design of the main microphone unit

The main microphone unit integrates an array of microphones, speakers, touch screens, and projector, which can be used with a video conferencing terminal, computer, or mobile phone to meet the vast majority of video conferencing needs

● Open touch android

Using the Android system, you can install third-party applications to control meetings or terminals

● Optional extended microphone and extended speaker

Two extension microphones and one extension speaker can be connected to increase the pickup distance and amplification range

● Integrated SIP telephony

Built-in SIP telephone software can be used as a SIP phone.

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