Eyqoo EK81U 4K Wide Field Mini AI ePTZ Camera

Eyqoo EK81U is equipped with a 4k lens, allowing it to have a higher-definition picture quality. Use a full-featured USB3.0 interface. Built-in 6-meter smart noise-canceling microphone. Equipped with an AI system, it can realize deep learning to automatically identify the sound source and focus the sound source.


110° wide FOV

Frame Rate




Built-in Microphone






Pickup Distance

6 meters

Main Features of Eyqoo EK81U 4K Wide Field Mini AI ePTZ Camera

Main Features

●Ultra HD super wide-angle

Equipped with a new generation of UHD CMOS image sensor, with more accurate native resolution, richer color information, four times the effect of high-definition images, and shoots full-detailed 4K video. Equipped with a 110-degree super-large viewing angle and low-distortion 4K lens for panoramic views

●USB 3.0

Full-featured USB 3.0 interface, which integrates power supply, video, and audio. It can also support 2 USB video signal sources (optional) and 1 audio source at the same time.

●Microphone array formed by the wave velocity

Built-in beamforming microphone array, unique noise suppression algorithm, and automatic gain algorithm, the pickup distance is up to 6 meters so that your voice is perfectly presented

●AI capability

Multi-layer convolutional neural network design, cutting-edge deep learning algorithm, so that the camera has intelligent characteristics, high-quality analysis data can be obtained through open API

●Auto Framing

Using advanced deep learning algorithms, it automatically adjusts the viewing angle of the screen according to the people in the detection field of view, eliminating the need for manual adjustment of camera operations, and bringing you a brand-new intelligent experience.

●AI Humanoid tracking

Built-in NNE hardware unit, using deep learning technology, by extracting target features, can achieve smooth human figure tracking no matter where the face is facing, which is suitable for application scenarios such as speaker automatic tracking

●Convenient operation

Through the exquisite infrared remote control and exclusive software, one-key automatic frame selection and humanoid tracking can be started. At the same time, preset positions, ePTZ, image parameters, etc. can be set.

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