Eyqoo EM500 Digital Array Intelligent Microphone

Eyqoo EM500 Digital Array Microphone uses intelligent voice algorithms, the world’s leading 10-meter ultra-long distance pickup. With voice enhancement, noise is automatically recognized to reduce distractions and keep speech clear. Plug and play make it more convenient to use in video conferences and education.





Pickup Distance

10 meters

Main Features of Eyqoo EM500 Digital Array Intelligent Microphone

Main Features

●Digital Array Microphone, Long Distance Voice Pickup

Digital array microphone, 10-meter distance voice pickup. A hands-free lecture and presentation solution.

●Intelligent Voice Tracking

Adaptive blind beamforming technology provides adaptability to different sound environments. With speech reinforcement, the microphone minimizes interference and keeps speech clear.

●Multiple Audio Algorithms, High Quality of Sound

Using proprietary technologies including intelligent noise reduction, echo cancellation, and reverberation suppression to ensure clear sound quality and comfortable communication. Fewer requirements for classroom decoration. Supports full-duplex communication.

●Simply Installation, Plug, and Play

Using standard USB2.0 and 3.5 mm audio interface, zero-configuration design, plug, and play. Simple system and compact appearance, easy to install and maintain. Supports dual-mode (digital, analog) output.

●Available in Two Colors, Blends into Different Environments

It adopts the technology of hot laminating and wrapping cloth. With natural visual effects, the white design adapts to the white walls of classrooms, and the black design blends into modern conference rooms.

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