Eyqoo EH6xC 1080P USB2.0 Mini Camera

Eyqoo EH6xC can choose an 84°/83°/110° wide-angle lens, with a Fully functional USB2.0. Support 1080P Full HD, it can also take good pictures in low light. Integrate a microphone with a 6-meter pickup and built-in noise reduction function. Suitable for small video conferences, education, and healthcare solutions.


Focus: f=3.2mm. HFOV: 83°


Focus: f=3.5mm. HFOV: 84° Autofocus


Focus: f=2.2mm. HFOV: 110°

Frame Rate




Built-in Microphone






Main Features of Eyqoo EH6xC 1080P USB2.0 Mini Camera

Main Features

●1080P Full HD & Wide range & low distortion Lens

Support 1080P Full HD with super-resolution up to 1080P@30fps/25fps encoding output, and down compatible with 1080p,720p.Wide-angle up to 84°(support autofocus)/83°.


Fully functional USB, 2.0 connection, power supply, video, and audio all in one.

●Built-in Microphone

Built-in microphone array, omnidirectional pickup, pickup distance up to 6 meters, noise suppressing algorithm with excellent sound.

●Low Light

Star-level ultra-high noise ratio of the new CMOS image sensor can effectively reduce the low noise in the case of image noise, while the application of 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithm, significantly reducing the image noise, even under low light conditions, still keep the picture clean and clear, the image signal to noise ratio up to 55dB or more.

●Easy Installation

Equipped with a damping rotary shaft bracket, to meet the market almost 100% of the display, is easy to install, stable, and reliable.

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